United Kingdom

Well I just want to say that GVS is the best!!! The admission to the university and the visa application process is so fast and straightforward, got my visa in 3 working days!! They even accompanied us to the UK, to help settle ourselves first before the classes start. That's one thing I did not even expect when I signed up to them. I am so thankful. I know now how difficult it is to come here as a student but their assistance and support, everything became easy. I am blessed for this UK experience and thanks to GVS. Without them, I imagine it would really be a struggle for me because I came from Abu Dhabi. The different time zones is no hindrance for them, they assisted me very well. Thanks to GVS, they are so amazing! Big thanks to Israel, Mam Flaj, Sir Don, Ms issa and Ms Mely. More power!!!!

Marianne Antenor

Thank you guys (GVS) for helping us with our journey. You really did your part well. Thank you to Israel, Ms Flaj, sir Don and everyone else at GVS. GOD bless you even more! 5-stah for yah! peace and love :-)

Hugh Caluscusin

Thank you for great help GVS. We are so blessed to be connected to you. For a short period of time we were able to come here. We really appreciate your efforts in booking us a flight and accompanying us in few days as we start off our journey here in UK.
Thank you for consistently answering our questions even if were already here. May you help more people as they reach dreams just as to ours too. God bless you guys and more power to GVS Team. :-)

Jeaniza Taga-oc

Global Visa helped me reach my dreams of coming here in the UK! Bless them :)
It wasn't a walk in the park, like any other pursuit. But all things considered, GVS will help you in every possible way to achieve your goals. I say, If you feel this is for you, go for it, because you won't regret it.
I never imagined I'd actually reach this point of writing this review. Thank you, GVS!

Kevin Agravante

Thank you GVS..!
The Almighty used you to help me make one of my dreams come true.
More blessings!:)

Michelle Daniels

Me and my family want to thank GVS family for helping us make our UK dream come true..We really appreciate how you patiently assist and answer all our concerns..Hope to see you here again☺️Thank you maam flaj, Israel, sir don, maam venus, maam issa and maam mely, you guys are amazing! God bless!!

Sangre Bandonill

Thanks GVS.. I would have not gone here in UK looking fabulous if not because of you.. I appreciate it everytime you make a follow-up haha Miss Issa I'm talking about you. Thanks as well ms. Flaj Mr. tal and Don for the extra mile effort of showing us around...
For those who are aiming to go abroad... Go for GVS ;-)

Joyoy Salingua

Hello GVS, thank you very much for guiding me as I take that one step closer to my dreams..Thank you for the follow ups and answering all my queries and calls..thanks to all the members of your great team, specially Sir Don, Ma'am Flaj, Ma'am Issa, and Mr.Israel. You guys are amazing!! Yes, it is not just like a walk in the park, hardworks, and sacrifices are needed to be done and sometimes skepticism needed to overcome. And as I look back now to everything that we have accomplished and done, it is all worth it,we just need to keep moving forward with no backing down! Cheers..
From UK with Love!:)

Harry Lehman Lucas


Hi GVS. I just want to share that Kat and I just finished our PSW Program. We are now working on the next step which is processing our Post Grad Permit to be able to work full time. Thank you to the GVS Family because all of this would not be possible without your help. More power to you guys! :-)

Con Halaghay


I am definitely recommending these people. It was quite a journey preparing all of my documents but they made the application process easy for me. They were so organize and efficient. Patiently answered all my queries and was courteous. I have sought help from other consultancy agencies in the past but I find them much reliable and credible. I hope my friends will have the same GVS experience. Keep up and Thank you so much.

Cherryl Lou Ferrariz


got my visa!!!! thank you GVS for addressing all my concerns from the start.. i thought it will took 2-3 months to process my visa, but with the help of GVS, my visa was processed for 26 days. GVS IS THE BEST!! i will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.. thank you again.. May God continue to strengthen and bless GVS.

Miriam Isidro

New Zealand

Thank you for a very helpful staff of your Consultancy. In a short period of time, Im able to finish all the requirements and process that was needed for my New Zealand Dreams. I would like to recommend your consultancy for that. Thank you again! Godbless! Goodluck to me!

Allen Rivera

New Zealand

Thank you GVS family for all the hard work and support! They're so helpful and patience to answer all my inquiries, kahit makulit na ako If you're planning to seek a better opportunity in other country, please don't hesitate to go to GVS, they will give you the A+ service and assistance you deserve.

Sherley Martinez

New Zealand

Kudos to the GVS family for another job well-done. Thank you for your patience and I do appreciate you for that. Thank you for helping me achieved my dream. Your services are highly commendable.

Grace Calica

New Zealand

GVS is legit and the staff are very accommodating and friendly!

Carmela Terrobias

United Kingdom

I was very confused back then of what I really want to do until a very good friend of mine told me about GVS. I told myself why not give it a try so I went to their office and attended an orientation. During the orientation, this quotation from one of the slides of Sir Don captured my attention, 'Opportunity never comes to those who wait, it is captured by those who seek' and then I realized it is indeed true. Thank you GVS for being a blessing to me and to everyone. Thank you so much for helping me out with everything. Thank you for being so patient and supportive throughout the processing kahit na sobrang kulit ko at minsan paulit ulit mga questions ko. (haha.) More blessings to come! God bless you always!

Janine De Sesto Natividad

United Kingdom

Thumbs up for the GVS Team in Philippines especially to Mam Leah, Mam Flager and Sir Don. Thank you so much for helping me out with my school and visa application. It was indeed a fast approval from the embassy considering all the hassles I had during my application, for the guidance from the start up to the end of my application GVS team were very accomodating and cooperative with their clients. Kudos GlobalVisa Admn for a job well done. Everyone is welcome and feel free to ask them reg programs suited for your choice. Thanks GVS team and God bless you always!

Carl Michael de Guzman

United Kingdom

My name is Kathrina Cruz, an international student at the University of Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom. I am from the Philippines. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Professional Practice. I came into the United Kingdom in February, 2012. I was well attended to and received by the university officials and staff. I got all the needed assistance that will enable me to settle down in my new environment. The teaching facilities and tutors are all excellent and this has contributed greatly in my academic studies. The learning environment is also very conducive and friendly.

I am currently a registered nurse here in the UK. I have successfully completed my Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) last June and also have gotten my PIN number as a qualified nurse. My current employer is impressed with my attitude towards work and he has told me that he would like to retain me as a permanent qualified nurse staff and would like to sponsor me for a working visa as soon as I graduate from my Masters in the university. My experience in the University of Glamorgan has really been inspiring because it also gave me the opportunity of meeting new people with diverse back grounds and cultures and I was able to make a lot of new friends. I am so happy and I thank God for everything!

Kathrina Cruz

United Kingdom

Searching for the best career path may not be easy, but you may have a little leap ahead with the right people to guide you. As a fresh graduate and a newly licensed nurse, I had a lot of questions on my mind on what should I do next. For sure, many of us feel the same way. Until, GVS came. Well, doubts about agencies arisen, but as you can see, they have legit evidences. So, there I went.. started the processes for my "journey" and now, I'm in the UK with all other GVS clients. It wasn't really smooth sailing, as what everybody wants, but the end point is, with patience, determination, punctuality, pangungulit sa GVS team (hehe, pasenxa Ms. Flag) and most especially prayers, for sure, you my friend will reach your dreams. That is why, I am so thankful sa GVS for they have been there, organizing all my papers, walang sawang kumukulit sa'yo, sa kailangan mong gawin (Sir Don and Darven. Hehe) and patiently entertaining your questions and may kasama pang advices (Ms. Flag). I wish all the best sa GVS team, may the Lord God shower your company with clients and blessed with new programs for Filipinos. Mabuhay! :)

Love lots, Misha Denise

United Kingdom

PROMPT.TRUSTWORTHY.PROFESSIONAL. I have never doubted GVS with regards to the application for my UK visa because they are prompt with updating me, trustworthy when it comes to processing of my papers, professional when dealing with my queries and my concerns. in addition, they are also very transparent with the progess of my application so there wasnt any false reassurance, they did what they had to do and i coudnt be more thankful... MOre Power GVS....

Marigold Gomez

United Kingdom

Dear Global Visa Support Team,

I kept on thinking how I will start my litany of Thank You's to Global Visa Support but I think I just have to keep my sign of gratitude simple.

This all started when our mother brought an Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary that I just cannot help but be awed by the name Oxford etched in gold and on the cover sits this grand marble statue that almost took up the whole front cover. At my elementary age, approximately the age of 11, that name made a mark on my curiosity.

But before this I was always so fascinated with corsets, with British Renaissance Clothing with all its layers, the white wigs the men wear, with how eloquent they speak their language. I thought... wow, they speak so differently but I just can't help but get more curious. And of course, there's Oxford University with its prestige and its rich academic background. No man would let an opportunity with Oxford pass. So I thought, I so like to visit England someday. This was a child's dream then.

During the process, like High School, this dream was somewhat shelved. But the memories of when I was 5 years old keeps popping in my mind when I again see movies with british plots. I can attest now that I was really interested in the medical field. I was the typical child with syringe toys and stethoscopes, making our dog take "Decolgen" and such. God bless that dog; he was a great dog,(chuckles) who was quite cooperative with all my tinkering of his ears and tummy not until I forced him to take one cold tablet with the able aid of my Yaya. Well, what do you know, I was successful and our dog ran away after that. End of that chapter.

So now I thought why not give myself another chance and let that dream become real. I later found a way on how to make this child's tenacity about a dream become reality. Coming to the right people for help is one vital ingredient towards a grand scheme, all it takes is the dreamer's diligence to partake with the whole process and the end result is success.

It all happened in September 2010 when I saw an ad on this online job search provider that I came upon Global Visa Support. The staff was kind enough to conduct the orientation and did quite a great job in making us avail and trust their service afterwards. Then as I can remember, me and my husband decided the following week to sign the contract with GVS to avail of their services. Then afterwards Ms. Flager Sweet Gregorio tenaciously assisted us all throughout the rest of the process, with constant assistance of Mr. Tal with other preparations. Even if they are equipped with an able team, Ms. Flager still transacts our applications personally. Their service is quite admirable for the friendly atmosphere they give us, their patience really helped us go through all the process.

To Angie, to Sir Don, Rheiden, and to Ms. Flager's other assistant, the kind lady with the beautiful smile whom I failed to ask her name due to all the busy preparations, Thank you. Thank you all very much for all the hard work and support you rendered. Even offering help that is, beyond your scope of support but still gave it without reservation.

I will always remember all of you and when I finally arrive in "my land of promise", I bring all of you with me, all your kindness, inspiring me all the way towards my dream.

God bless Global Visa Support.

Yours truly with utmost humble gratitude, April Rose Escaner,RN, MAN(c)

United Kingdom

To All of you who forms Global Visa, my heartfelt THANK YOU!

I am sorry if it took so long before I was able to post this on your wall, I am just at lost for the right words on how I can express my gratitude for the Opportunity, for all the support, and patience that you've given and shown me during my application with you. All of you offered the friendliest and sincere service. The atmosphere since I have started with my application with you has been open, everything was laid clear and you fulfilled a dream on the time frame you have provided.
I can never thank you enough. To all those who are searching for the same kind of opportunity or better, do not hesitate to put your trust in this firm. They will persevere with YOU.

May the Lord bless you always. May you be able to help more people.

Jallen Llantino (Roei Zxyler Cruz on Facebook)

United Kingdom

God is good. My Tier 2(General) Visa has been approved in just 2 working days. Indeed, He answers prayers and honors the desires of those who patiently wait.

I thank God for Global Visa Support in the persons of Ms. Flager, and the staff namely John, Don and Rheiden. They have been instruments of God's faithfulness in my life. Despite of rumors that it is difficult to acquire a Tier 2 visa due to changes in the Rules and Regulations in UK immigration matters, Global Visa Support never stops giving their best possible actions in facilitating my application under the Overseas Nursing Program.

To those who have already applied with GVS, just be patient. There's a perfect time for you. Also, to those who are still planning to apply or hesitant to apply with GVS, rest assured that whatever help I got from them, they will also give it to you.

To Global Visa Support: "CHEERS"!!!

Update from Dory: Thanks GVS, Ms. Flaj, John, Don and Rheiden....i'm sharing with you my success (one among the many fruits of your labor) :) [see picture above]

Dory Galvarole-Funtilon

United Kingdom

Thank You Lord for answering my prayers for a UK visa. Thank You Lord for letting me meet the good people of GVS, namely Ms. Flager, Sirs Don, Rheiden, and John, who have all been very helpful in the fast processing of my enrolment and visa issuance that in just 2 months after taking the IELTS, I have been granted a tier 4 visa. I pray that through GVS, much more Filipinos may be granted visas to help in their career and personal development.

Mikol Martirez

United Kingdom

hi Global Visa! just wanted to thank you for helping me out with everything...like in taking care for my Visa application, checking everything and making sure that i've got all documents that i needed for the application and for all the assistance you've given me all through out. Now i got my visa!! APPROVED!! It's so surreal that i got everything ready now and it's been so quick and smooth sailing...and that's all because of your help! Now i'm ready to go back out there and continue what i've been building there before i left, MY DREAMS...now i can continue and make it all come true! Thank you Global Visa...it has been a nice journey with you!

Dianne Cueme

United Kingdom

I would like to express my gratitude to the GVS staff!Finally, I have been granted my tier 4 visa. At first, I thought this application was a hit or miss affair, but four working days after lodging my visa application, my passport with the tier 4 visa was handed to me in the UK Embassy after an interview with the officer. All of this wouldn't be possibleif it weren't for the advice and all-out assistance of the GVS staff, especially Rheiden, Don, John and of course, Ms Flaj. Thanks for being so full of patience with all my queries and for keeping up with me all throughout the application process! :-) May God bless you all, GVS staff!

Edric Tsai


Thank you so much, my Global Visa Family! You had been a great help when I applied for a Canadian visa. I never thought that Canada is such a sweet place to live in. :-) I'm so blessed because I have a very lovable and supportive sister (my beloved Ate Helen). I'm very grateful because God made you an instrument for my impending success here in Canada. Godspeed. God bless you always.

Rodalyn Rodriguez

United States

HI GVS staffs and subscribers! I'm already in Salt Lake City with Anne. We had a very tiring flight, it took us 21 hours but overall, it was an exciting new experience for us! :) We are staying in a very nice Filipino family with other filipinos with the help of Sir Jeff Capili. Thanks to him! For the staffs of GVS specially Miss Leah who never failed in updating me about my application, thank you very much for the big help you gave me to achieve my American dream hahahhah! I thank and appreciate the encouragement and support from the GVS staffs :)

Sharon P. Dioneda

United States

Just got home, fresh from the US Embassy. I wanted to thank you, GlobalVisa Admn for the support you have given me, you guys are the best! ^_^ To Ac Sayson for putting up with me. Go #TeamAC!; To Miss Fladgie, for the words of wisdom; To ate Leah Carreon for being my fairy godmother; and to all the wonderful staff whom I emotionally disturbed whenever I go to the office and do my Kris Aquino impersonation. LOL >_< Praise God! And I'll definitely see you guys soon :)

Patrick Valencia Alonso

United States

What I love about GVS is that they offer wide array of different programs for different countries. My first encounter with GVS was like a year ago and they offered me about the New Zealand program since USA was not available then. I wasn't so sure about it that time so I just put GVS on hold not until I found out that they are offering a program for nurses at USA which I had long been waiting for.Just so timely since my sister came back from the same state that they are offering. So I inquired and they responded pretty quick to my queries and it just all took approximately 3 1/2 months to get a US Visa.

I can't thank you enough guys for being approachable, open and dedicated in answering all our questions and concerns. To Ms. Leng and John, thank you for being accommodating to my needs and to Don who seriously followed me up and constantly replying to the littlest of my concern. I also like that you guys are professional and respectful. Thanks a bunch for all the help you extended from your end. God bless you GVS!

Cindy Lee Jordan

United States

To all the GVS staff especially to John, Don and Ms. Flag, my heartfelt gratitude for all your help and support. Thank you for your exercising your PATIENCE with me too. :) I can still remember how my 1st day went with you guys. Anyway, what I liked about your agency is your honesty and transparency. You want the best for your applicants and that matters a lot. Remember that at first you were hesitant to accept me on this program because of my ongoing petition? And remember what my answer was? :) I said that I will get it. I know that I will get it because I prayed for it. True enough, I did, because God is faithful.

I truly thank the Lord for using your agency in helping me to be where I want to be. Thank you for offering this program and I hope and pray that you will continue on in helping a lot of people reach their dreams! God bless you GVS! :) To God be the Glory!!!

Ginger Cabrera Romero

New Zealand

My genuine testimonial as a registered nurse in the philippines, i know how it feels to dream about working abroad because the salary in the country is just not enough. yes the feeling of fulfillment to be able to help and even save the lives of your own countrymen is indescribable but i would be hypocrite if i will say that i took this course without thinking about greener pastures. opportunities are rare,fortunately i was given a good one. the first time i heard about global visa support, i was really hesitant. the numbers of companies having fraud cases are rising, and this is the main reason of my hesitation. even then, i took the courage to visit the office and attend their orientation. they provided me with many choices ( study programs to a number of countries). i did not sign the contract right away because i wanted to be 100% sure. more or less than a year later, i went back and decided to sign the contract. the people in this company are true and straightforward. transparency was maintained. although i was the one who has independently done some of the processing, i was thankful for this because it made me more knowledgeable about the process. most importantly, they respect my decisions and provide clear instructions and guidelines. Thanks very much to Ms. Flager Sweet for helping me (until now) in pretty much whatever i need, and i want to extend my gratefulness to Don, Nix and Rheiden for always properly addressing my concerns. mabuhay ang GVS!

Ingrid Hope Baulete


Finally arrived in Australia. Thanks GVS for helping me in my chosen endeavor.

Fema Rose Miranda


I would like to thanks GVS now iam here Australia to achieve my dreams in a legal and easiest way to come here. There so reliable, approachable, and they move fast in order to process our papers. I hope this well start the endless opportunities that I can have its so encouraging that Australian Economy is quite superior at the moment $48.20 AUD is really good. More power to GVS!

Marlyn Eugenio